CrossWinds exists to help people along on their spiritual journey to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who will Love, Grow Serve and Share. Therefore, Spiritual Formation classes are designed to help people take their next steps on their growth journey. There are two stages to these classes: Stage #1 is our Love Class, Grow Class, Serve Class and Share Class. Stage #2 is designed to help people go deeper and with a variety of classes like Bible study methods, Dispensations, the spirit controlled life, etc. So join us and take your next step on your journey.

Stage #1 Class - Grow Class - This class will help you to take those initial steps on your spiritual journey. Topics discussed are how to get a grip on your Bible, how to be generous, how to pray effectively, and much more.

When: Sunday starting September 09 @ 8:30am. This is an 8 week class and will finish on October 28.

Cost: $5

Stage #2 Class - How to have Peace with God - Faith-Rest is the life of peace designed for you as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. This life is characterized by a moment-by-moment tranquility, happiness, and stability. But how can you have this perfect rest when you are surrounded by pressure, adversity, and disaster?

God wants you to do only one thing—trust Him! Believe His Word! Mix the promises from the Bible with faith! If you trusted Him for the greatest thing He could ever provide—salvation, then, you can trust Him for the lesser thing—solutions to your problems.

When: Sunday starting September 09 @ 8:30am. 

Cost: $5