Men's LEAD Group

LEAD group is a group of men and a coach who make a commitment to one another to take time to study the Bible together and focus on the principles of Leading, Encouraging, being Accountable and Developing together.  Our goal is to help men have a deeper walk with Jesus through an increased commitment to Christ and His church.  How does this happen...

Every January a new LEAD group forms as men make a two year commitment to come together once a month on a Saturday from 7am to 9am.  In the first year we take the time to study the Gospel of Mark together and learn life lessons from Jesus.  In year 2 we focus on what it looks like to lead God's church.  1 Timothy tells us what the qualities of a leader are and how to handle difficult issues that might arise within the church.

After this two year commitment we have a group that meets monthly for all those who go through the two year program.  This group is designed to help men continue to connect with one another and also grow as men as we deal with different life issues.

Every December and January you can sign up (in the community center) for the new LEAD group beginning in January.  The 2016-17 group will be meeting on the third Saturday of every month.

For more information please contact Pastor Stephen Puett by Clicking Here.