Get Connected

Here at CrossWinds we believe that people grow by connecting with God and with others.  So we want to help you do both.  Listed below are different ways that you can get connected here at CrossWinds.

CrossWinds Kids

CrossWinds Kids meets every Sunday at 10am during our morning worship service.  Here your children will find age appropriate Bible teaching that will help them along on their journey to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus.  For more information Click Here

Student Ministries

At CrossWinds we have two big goals for our students...

1.  To help them know God in a personal and relevent way.

2.  To help them see what it looks like to live out their faith in relevant ways every day whether it be at home, school, or in the community.

For more Click Here

Community Groups

Here at CrossWinds we believe that growth happens best as we connect with one another relationally.  For us this happens through our community groups.  For more information Click Here

Women's Bible Studies

These specific groups for women are designed to help ladies develop meaningful relationships with one another and with God.  Click here for more details about our two women's groups.

Men's Ministry

A safe place where men can be men and learn to lead in all areas of life.  For more information Click Here

Spiritual Formation Classes

Here at CrossWinds we want to help people take their next step on their spiritual journey to becoming fully devoted followers of Jesus who will Love, Grow, Serve and Share the gospel.  These classes are designed to help people take those next steps.  Click here for more information.